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On the afternoon of Wednesday, May 23, 2007 René and I said goodbye to our beloved Cyrano.

Cyrano was 15 years old and in the last few months and weeks of his life his age began to show in his body (though not in his spirit!) as he tried the impossible task of holding off the spread of cancer. As some of you know, an unfortunate alignment of the stars found Cyrano spending the last week of his life at home with me while René was stuck on an overseas vacation that she had planned for months. Neither René or I are clear on which one of us had the tougher time under these circumstances.

Luckily, René was able to make it home just in time to say her farewells to Cyrano. One thing that this experience has taught me is that we sometimes project unrealistic human qualities and emotions onto our pets. Despite that, I think it was pretty obvious that Cyrano was more relaxed and more at ease for the short time while René was home with him. Ever since he was a puppy he always wanted to know where his humans were. He would often carefully position himself in the house so that he could see both of us. And so it was on Wednesday as our wonderful vet, Dr Bruhn, helped Cyrano find his way to the other side: his humans were finally there, together, comforting him as the pain we know he was hiding from us (dogs are so tough) left his body and was replaced with the cool comfort of a bed of ivy under his belly, the warmth of the sun on his back, a flock of sheep to watch in the valley below, and bottomless dishes of salmon and chocolate before him.

I took the photographs in this gallery over the course of Cyrano's last few days.

Cyrano: February 1992 - May 23, 2007
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